Expanded science, realistic & vast space propose strategy richness devoid of ordinary rush.


This Universe is full of stellar bodies. Creating realistic space with planetary bodies positions depending on their size an climate, the diversity of colonizable ofjects has been enhanced significantly. All planet classes differ from each other by population cap, type of orbiting resource asteroids, different bonuses, special abilities and etc. All the information about added bodies You may find in the "Lore.xls" file in the Mod folder.

Every colonizable space body type has unique index in its type title "[2.3.3]", where numbers represent quantity of upgrade stages of specific type:

  • First: Population Stages
  • Second: Civilian Stages
  • Third: Tactical Stages

Basically the same stage levels have the same value on every planet (detailed information is in the "Lore.xls" file in the Mod folder) so this is a summary of planet's quality. Only Population values divided into three major classes: planet (significant), planetoid (low), asteroid (negligible).

Interstellar phasetravel speed has been reduced notably, so far jumps will take much time.

Total amount and discover chance of Planetary Bonuses has been significantly increased.

Home World

It's represented by Urbanized Planet type. It was designed to fully substitute bunch of planets, that should be captured at the beginning of vanilla game to create econimy base for further success. Urbanized World is a prosperous planet type that has high cap of population, defence and civil modules. As Stars is a multi-star oriented project, it is important to save place for distant stellar systems in space.


All Stellar and Planetary bodies were enlarged.


Research tree is greatly expanded. Lengthened chains for cultural and weapon fields. Cost and time of development is increased, as the quantity of research levels.

New common chains:

  • Interplanetary Phase Travel speed
  • Interstellar Phase Travel speed
  • Ship Speed and Maneuverability
  • Research Rate (TEC, Vasari)

New common researches:

  • Biological Weapon (reduces population cap on hostile planets for a long time when used from a siege ship)
  • Defence Research (Advent improve defence fighters, Vasari get reducing damage field for defence structures, TEC enhance armor of defence modules.)
  • Ocean Planet colonization
  • Gas Giant control
  • Increasing Population Cap on all planets
  • Third Starbase Weapon upgrade

Are quite powerfull researches, that can be executed only after finishing bunch of thematic investigations:

  • Offence Doctrine (You need study half of the length of the majority weapon research chains, exempli gratia)
  • Defence Doctrine
  • Economy Doctrine
  • Spy Doctrine
  • Culture Doctrine
  • Ancient Secrets


Characteristics of Vanilla Ships are the same, keeping balance.


In general all vehicles were rescaled to achieve proper sense of space fleet scope. Light frigates are really small and Titans are incredibly huge.


Titan is a new Capital Ship for every faction. It is slow, huge and powerfull support unit with strong weaponry and mass action abilities. Can be built after executing appropriate research.

Subversion Vehicles

Subversion vehicle is small and agile but vulnerable new ship type for every faction. After building it automatically explores space and executes economy supression missions on hostile planets.

Orbital Modules

Allowed constracting zone of Orbital Modules represents a narrow torus around the planet, simulating an orbit. It helps to create more balanced defence.

Every civil orbital module increase planetary population cap (1%-2%) and Vasari get aditional planet health.

Star Bases

All starbases are movable & populated. Only one Star Base per star gravity well allowed.


Majority of orbital communities provided with non-standard units. It can be armored Space Stations (tend to choose temperate worlds), Free Worlds League structures, distant Cloisters of independent Advent heretics (tend to choose cold worlds) and etc.


New transparent minimalistic User interface that doesn't stand out a mile and interfere to keep Your attention on the game process.

Ambient Music

New tunes add special sence of vast and mute space to the game. Basically it is instrumental music from films & games. Only battle tunes are choppy, while others are calm and tender.


Majority of weapon and ability effects were changed to suit rescaled vehicles and spectacular increase.


Instead of Pirate Base planetary body type, we have advanced Pirate Star Base, equipped with instruments that don't allow accumulation of reid Pirate Vehicles in its gravity well. The Break Time between pirate quests is prolonged for suiting multiplayer conditions. Pirates are able to do interstellar phase jumps.

Performance Optimization

Trade Ports have 3 Trade Ships instead of 5. Orbital Refineries have 5 Refinery Ships instead of 10. Orbital Defence uses 2 tactical slots instead of 1.

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