This mod is for connoisseurs of multistar maps & interstellar military companies. Attemps to bring more realistic space to the gameplay, expanding features and enriching concepts. Provides depth to different development directions: planet habitation, science race, defence, offence. Limited assets force to choose and economize, also giving a chance to totally different tactics.



Add plus one level to your regular AI difficulty level (if you usually play with Hard AI replace it with Unfair) for maintaining habitual game rush.

The majority of universe modifications (planets, militia...) are represented only in custom maps, wich are well corresponded with the rythm & scale of the project. Maps are also 50% random, so can fully substitute vanilla random and custom ones.

You can disable Phase Lines visualization in User Interface menu.


Stars 2.522 is running on SoaSE Diplomacy 1.34

Используются технологии uCoz